A group of people sitting on the ground with headphones on taking part at
A tattooed guy with headphones lies on the floor and stretches his arms to the sky in a forest, taking part in an immersive theater piece
A woman wearing a virtual reality (VR) headset and a helmet, standing amidst a group of people in the forest taking part at an immersive theater piece in the forest.
A woman sitting amidst a group of people gathering in the woods taking part at an immersive theater piece called
A women playing the trumpet while lying on the ground of a beautiful lush forest as a part of
A serene forest scene with towering trees and lush ferns.
A woman with headphones in the center, serene and with closed eyes enjoying the sun filtering through the trees in the forest and surrounded by a group of people

Shared Landscapes

In 2023, I took part at "Shared Landscapes" as a visitor and documented my experience along the way. Here is the program text from the Berliner Festspiele website:

Seven pieces between fields and forests

What happens when landscapes become theatre? What if art did not represent nature but allowed us to experience it differently and collectively?

With “Shared Landscapes”, curator Caroline Barneaud and director Stefan Kaegi (Rimini Protokoll) invite the audience to leave the theatre and to venture out into Berlin’s green surroundings. From the early afternoon to the late evening sun, the participants will stroll between forest and meadows, with a map, to hone their awareness of their environment through the devices of art and to perhaps lose their sense of time. Which new perspectives can we adopt when productions not only address what we call nature as a topic, but rather take place in its midst? In the open air, artistic interventions, sound compositions, choreographies, audio-tours, media-installations and performances will centre on what is often overlooked, and create a new form of community for one moment on the green periphery of the big city.

With pieces by Chiara Bersani and Marco D’Agostin, El Conde de Torrefiel, Sofia Dias and Vítor Roriz, Begüm Erciyas and Daniel Kötter, Stefan Kaegi, Ari Benjamin Meyers as well as Émilie Rousset

Detailed informations at Shared Landscapes at Berliner Festspiele

Italian Gestures
Black and white portrait of an italian man gesturing with his hands explaining typical italian gestures
In Life, Change Is The Only Constant
View from a panoramic viewpoint of ochre-colored plains and the red crater in the volcanic landscape of the Tongariro Crossing in the background
Tokyo city skyline with brightly lit skyscapers and cloudy sky. A bustling metropolis amidst a dramatic backdrop of clouds.
Noack Fine Art Foundry
Inside view of the sandforming hall of Noack fine art foundry in Berlin.