A serene crescent moon illuminates the night sky above a dense forest of tall dark trees.
A serene lake nestled amidst lush trees and verdant grass, creating a picturesque, primordial landscape
A vibrant detail of a magenta coloured flower against a light blue sky.
Surface of a serene lake mirroring the forest and sky.
A scenic view of a field with a variety of lush green trees and grass in the center, creating a peaceful and natural landscape.
Early Migration
Overview of several small dwellings of the first Chinese settlers in Arrowtown, New Zealand.
Of Plenty
Rays of light fall through dark trees onto a small stream of geothermal water in an interesting blueish colour.
In Life, Change Is The Only Constant
View from a panoramic viewpoint of ochre-colored plains and the red crater in the volcanic landscape of the Tongariro Crossing in the background
Tokyo city skyline with brightly lit skyscapers and cloudy sky. A bustling metropolis amidst a dramatic backdrop of clouds.