January 31, 2024

AND 2023 – Then There Was Us

Pre-Order Book
Selected work by Carola Plöchinger on the left, book cover layout AND 2023 by THEN THERE WAS US on the right


AND is an annual selection of some of the best up and coming influential documentary and portrait photographers from across the globe, showcasing in this heterogeneous collection of poignant and inspiring imagery. This diverse collection presents compelling and inspiring photography, reflecting a dynamic response to the evolving culture and transformations in the production, sharing, and consumption of photography. This is THEN THERE WAS US ones to watch of 2023.

Delighted to be included in this years annual "AND 2023" by Then There Was US a second time. Especially because I really appreciate their platform and how they do things. It’s interesting that my work is again a landscape amongst many portraits, but then again I have such a personal connection to this place that it makes sense. It was also a beautiful surprise to get the news in the beginning of this year, because I got quite some rejections in 2023 trying to fund my current project – "The Nature Of Plastics" – and took this as a beautiful sign moving forward.

Can’t wait to see the book in print! You can find the to their store here above in case you want to pre-order a copy.

Product Details:
Size: 260x190mm
Pages: 84
Binding: Perfect Bound
Paper: 120gsm Recycled
Photographers Featured: 78


Nicola Bianchi
Joe Magowan
Curtis Hughes
Roma Moskalenko
Elina Abdrakhmanova
Christian Velcich
Colin Aherne
Naomi Wong
Joaquín Soler
Magnus Johansson
Thua Magalashvili
Sandra Mickiewicz
Wilhelm Philipp
Sapphire Stewart
Dana Golan
Gabriella Ferreira
Meghan Marin
Francesco Fantini
Alfie White
Rowland Hill
Carola Plöchinger
Alex Kurunis
Caitlin Chescoe
Sarah Mei Herman
James Frederick Barrett
Irma Mauro
Peter Bannan
Raul Guillermo
Vincent Glielmi
Mateo Ruiz González
Jake Howe
Chris Perez
David Mesa
Jordan Semanick
Dan Bow
Joshua Atkins
Sanne Kabalt
Thom Corbishley
T.J Lüdecke
Toby Binder
Andrea Durán
Jai Toor
Federica Carducci
Andy Quinn
Ciro Battiloro
Chan-Yang Kim
Ed Mason
Stefy Pocket
D. M. Terblanche
Karabo Mooki
Freddie Miller
Maggie Shannon
Marisa Chafetz
Heiner L. Beisert
Simon King
Michael Morgan
Aristidis Schnelzer
Megan Jepson
Jordan DeLawder
Lewis Khan
Jonathan Feinstein
Freya Najade
Matt MacPake
Giulia Degasperi
Ameena Rojee
Thomas Duffield
Greg Holland
Austin Scherbarth
Da'Shaunae Marisa
Iris Millot
Su Cassiano
Mike Walker
Felix Adams
Daniel De Jorge
Harry Turner
Sam Wright
Aidan Klimenko
Myah Jeffers
Camille Lemoine

Pre-orders will be shipped on 1st March 2024.

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