Hi! I’m Carola Plöchinger, a photographer and visual artist based in Berlin. Here is a quick overview of what I do.

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Sulphuric surface around encrusted fumeroles on Whakaari White Island
Make visible
The encrusted surface of an active vulcano with mud avalanche hummocks from a landslide looking like a moonscape
A serene lake nestled amidst lush trees and verdant grass, creating a picturesque, primordial landscape
A serene crescent moon illuminates the night sky above a dense forest of tall dark trees.
Tribute to Steve McQueen
View from the empty main hall of BER Berlin Brandenburg Airport at one of their test runs before opening
Building BER
Details of wildly interwoven wooden panels at the construction site inside the building of Berlin Brandenburg Airport before it's official opening.
Building BER
View from a panoramic viewpoint of ochre-colored plains and the red crater in the volcanic landscape of the Tongariro Crossing in the background
In Life, Change Is The Only Constant
An Italian man with a very surprised look on his face with open mouth and eyes wide open,  displaying a mixture of surprise and astonishment.
Italian Gestures
BW portrait of a curly-haired italian man holding his hand at his ear to say
Italian Gestures
Black and white portrait of a man bending over, arms folded and hands behind his back
Seated farmers woman on a vegetable market stand in Hoi An, Vietnam, sorting her produce.
A couple with a motorcycle looking down Long Biên Bridge by night in Hanoi.
Inside view of the sandforming hall of Noack fine art foundry in Berlin.
Noack Fine Art Foundry
Beautiful moss and other tiny plants in a dark forest with the light filtering through
Beyond the forest
View over a lush forest to a very green lake
Of Plenty
Tokyo city skyline with brightly lit skyscapers and cloudy sky. A bustling metropolis amidst a dramatic backdrop of clouds.
Cool guy with beard and smiling with naked upper body lovingly holding his baby daughter
New Dads
Black and white portrait of a handsome guy gazing into the distance, the leaves of a tree casting a beautiful shadow on his face.
Measuring devices in a room at Sonnblick observatory with a window offering a view on the fogged mountain.
The Nature Of Plastics
A young loving mother gently holds her baby through a mesh screen, creating a tender bond between them.
A breathtaking detailed view of a snow-capped mountain surrounded by a mysterious fog
The Nature Of Plastics
Ongoing, not yet published
Fog blankets a majestic mountain range with few streams of sun coming through, adding an air of tranquility and intrigue.
Minimalist photograph of some features of a wooden playground covered by snow in the foggy high Alps.
What remains.
Coming soon
Scenic view of a snow-covered field featuring power lines and poles at a mountain pass against a backdrop of winter beauty.


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